Erica Ripston

Mrs. Ripston is an enthusiastic, energetic, and highly qualified educator.  Her creativity and dedication shine through in the learning opportunities that she provides for her students.  The positive attitudes expressed by her students are a testament to Mrs. Ripston's child centered philosophy.  Mrs. Ripston's years of experience as a dancer encouraged her to learn Zumba.  Her passion for dancing, art, baking, and learning new crafts inspires her students to take risks and become life long learners.

Jennifer Feather

Mrs. Feather is a classically trained musician, who has performed in choirs, local theater, coffee houses, recording studios, and in front of thousands of people. Above all else, Mrs. Feather is a music teacher who inspires children to share in the beauty of song. Mrs. Feather's concert performances at Memorial have reached legendary status, with each show outdoing the last. Her passion for music is evident in every lesson she teaches. Expressing themselves through music is a virtue all of her students learn.

Allison Bizzoco

As an Enrichment teacher, Mrs. Bizzoco has dedicated her career to discovering the latest and greatest cooperative games and programs that will get students involved and fuel a thirst for knowledge.  Mrs. Bizzoco has always been a lover of games and continues to play with her family as often as possible.  Besides games, her other passions include Reading, Photography, and Zumba. Mrs. Bizzoco encourages her students to discover their passions and dream big.

Jason Feather

Mr. Feather has been working in the technology field for fifteen years.  His love for computers began thirty years ago when he took his first programming class.  He has professionaly used programming languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, and CSS.  He is looking forward to sharing his love of computers and unlocking the mysteries of computer coding through the use of programs such as Scratch, Hopscotch and Tynker.

Kathy Walker

Mrs. Walker is an enthusiastic educator who brings ten years of teaching experience, and over 15 years of professional business experience to the classroom. The nurturing environment she establishes when working with children encourages students to perform at their highest potential and think "outside the box" to problem solve in creative ways. Mrs. Walker has a passion for cooking, and has developed her own special family RECIPEs that are simply delicious. 

Richard Jopp​​
As a professional educator for the past 10 years, Mr. Jopp prides himself on establishing positive relationships with his students.  Mr. Jopp's ability to engage students through creativity and innovation is one his greatest strengths. This enthusiasm allows Mr. Jopp to create an environment where students feel comfortable and eager to participate each and every day.  A history enthusiast and an avid sports fan (New York Jets especially), with coaching experience in a number of sports, Mr. Jopp consistently seeks to connect with his students through shared interests and develop in them a passion for learning.​


Mr. Doherty is a passionate science educator with 7 years of experience working with middle school students. He enjoys all things Star Wars, and is an avid tabletop and video gamer.  He enjoys helping others explore their minds and the boundaries of their creativity playing tabletop games. Mr. Doherty looks forward to facilitating strategic gameplay and creativity through tabletop and RPG games.

Lindsay Al​varez

Mrs. Alvarez is an engaging and dedicated teacher with ten years of experience in the classroom and as a tutor. Mrs. Alvarez prides herself on her ability to connect with students and inspire them to achieve their highest potential.  Mrs. Alvarez has been trained in the latest educational technologies, strategies, and assessments.  She has played the guitar for over ten years and uses this skill to enhance learning and to motivate her students.  Mrs. Alvarez believes in finding what is unique and special about each child and building upon their strengths to achieve their personal best.

Kristian Diore

Ms. Diore is an enthusiastic teacher who prides herself on her ability to engage learners and find students’ individual strengths. She loves creating hands-on, student-centered learning activities, which inspire her students to reach their greatest potential. Ms. Diore studied American Sign Language and Deaf Education in high school and college, and enjoys sharing this passion of hers with others. ​



Head Directors:


Mr. Jasper and Mr. LOPRESTI are highly decorated educators, with over 30 combined years of experience in Elementary Education. Both have a wealth of knowledge developing after school programs that enrich the lives of children.  As educators, they pride themselves on propelling young learners toward new heights, and guiding students on their quest for knowledge. Mr. Jasper and Mr. LOPresti have teamed up to create Kids Club with the goal of bringing unique and motivational learning experiences that stimulate children's interest and growth.

About Kids Club:




  • Have the power to learn and grow

  • Are curious & creative

  • Can succeed when challenged

  • Love to have fun!